Dave’s travel photography is a way of preserving memories and moments for him and also bridging the gap between guest and host. His photographs allow him to retain the emotions, experiences, and impressions made at the time while traveling. While his favorite subjects are portraits of life in the developing world, he is also a lover of big wild open spaces, or places of immense grandeur, like the Himalayas, deserts of the world, or remote spots accessed on foot.

Landscape Photography by Dave Stamboulis

LANDSCAPES: From the Himalayas to the Sahara, the world is home to a vast array of unique scenery.

PEOPLE: Portraits of different facets of human life around world are the essence of travel photography.

FESTIVALS: The spontaneous joy of celebrations is a photographer’s delight.

WILDLIFE: From the biggest to the smallest, the diverse selection of wild animals, insects, and bird life makes for astounding subjects.

URBAN: City life features plenty of frantic energy, architectural marvels, and a bounty of subject material.

SPECIAL DESTINATIONS: Hard to reach, remote, and wild places afford some of the best in travel photography.

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Hammer women by Dave Stamboulis
Sahara Desert by Dave Stamboulis
Kazack Eagle Hunter by Dave Stamboulis
Bull jumping festival, Ethiopia by Dave Stamboulis
Mursi woman, Ethiopia by Dave Stamboulis
Karakoram, Pakistan by Dave Stamboulis
Lofoten Island, Norway by Dave Stamboulis
Vatnajokull National Park by Dave Stamboulis
Hani women, China by Dave Stamboulis
Hallstat, Austria by Dave Stamboulis